We make plans for kitchens working under contract, of any shape and size starting from the customer drawing.

We work for major companies operating in the furniture industry, manufacturers of classical and modern kitchens and design studios, as a supplier of marble top kitchen, granite, slate, quartz and quartzite (standardized Precision supplies).

We only use materials that have the ideal requirements for making cuts and required machining. We carry out the most varied aesthetic needs, with shaping and machining groove that increase of the kitchen worktop surface (slides, grooves, lines, holes, ..).

We can make incisions, reliefs and edges of various shapes (bull, round seeds, duckbill, squared, ..) and treat the surfaces (polishing, brushing, antiquing, waxing, ..) in order to obtain different aesthetic effects, resistance and impermeability.

Kitchen tops with marble
From the aesthetic point of view, the top kitchen with marble are the most appreciated for the typical chromatic diversification of raw material. The natural stone brings elegance and style to the work surface and therefore to the kitchen.

Kitchen tops with granite
The characteristic of granite is the hardness factor that makes them perfect for use in the kitchen as impervious to acid substances. The granite allows various types of processing, such as stain resistant treatments to limit the absorption of liquids, and polishing to give gloss and mirror effect.

Kitchen tops wit quartz
The kitchen countertops made with quartz agglomerate, unlike marble and granite, are not porous due to the presence of resins inside the material. This kind of materials are waterproof, uniform and resistant to abrasion and acids, but more sensitive to heat. On the basis of pigments and natural inserts (marble, quartz, onyx, glass, crystal, ..), the kitchen tops quartz-resin may take a variety of colors: soft, bright, large grains and with points.

We work also as contract, we therefore take care of the supply, by direct commission or tender contract, of an articulated product set, designed ad hoc or customized, and of related services needed to install them.

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