Italian and foreign marbles

We use marbles of different variety coming from all over the world, selected for color homogeneity and technical properties, refined and elegant.

Precious marbles

We have fine and very rare onyx marbles, particularly recommended to give to the rooms a touch of class and richness.

Large selection

Bardiglio, Red, Botticino, Travertine, Rojo, Aegean, Anarak .. white, beige, ivory, orange .. pearl, nuanced, eccentric .. to each his own marble!

Choice of colors

Large choice of colors and natural tones, ranging from different shades of white, like the marble of Carrara and Arabescato, to black, as the Portoro marble.

Natural stones

Marble, granite, serpentine, slate: natural stones which may be used joining elegance and functionality.


Sardo Bianco, Giallo Veneziano, Serizzo, Baltic Brown, Piracema, Azul, Labrador .. granite from all over the world with medium-grained or thick grain.

Granite and porphyry

Hard and flexible, granite is a stone that combines beauty, resistance and duration al lover the time. Wide variety of outdoor porphyry in different colors.

Quartz Surfaces

The agglomerates are mixtures of pure quartz with resin and colored pigments. They have different structural characteristics, aesthetics and colors.

Agglomerates in quartz

Agglomerates in refined quartz, ideal for the realization of kitchens and bathroom tops: resistant to scratches and bumps, durable, hygienic and beautiful to look.

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