We realize pavings, claddings and elements of furniture for public environments made with marble, porphyry and granite.

Thanks to the experience and the skills, we work in the public sector. In particular we realize floor for squares, coverings for public buildings, doorways, walkways, steps, curbs, fountains, monuments and street furniture.

Our technical department works closely with architects and construction companies, following step by step the construction of each component and the installation, suggesting where possible, the use of local stones and pebbles to promote the territory.

For urban design and architecture we use mainly travertine marble because of the different colors, shades and grains (white to brownish), for its compactness and its high resistance to wear and weather.

We are very careful to the finishing of surfaces and edges, to the choice of colors and to the natural play of light and reflections caused by the porosity of the reliefs of marbles and porphyries.

With our work, the result is guaranteed: functional and lasting of public works, unique and suggestive for the aesthetic impact of colors, shapes and finishes.

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