Technological artisans

We are technology artisans who realize a product of quality, that lasts over time and with aesthetic value.

High precision

We perform high precision machining, with modern cutting technologies using water (water jet) and automatic machines.

Tops of marble and granite

They are processed according to the type and the environment to bring out the colors and naturalness in order to ensure the strength and duration over the time.

Our manufactures

Sand blasting, sanding, brushing (to create an antique effect), polishing, rolling, hammering, flaming, tumbling, acid treatment, coating and screening.

Quality of the finish

We carry out fine finishes and completely handmade processing: various types of cuts, edges, chamfers and engravings.

Production of top kitchens

We produce top in series and plans for kitchens of any shape and size, according to customer design. Top marble kitchens, granite, quartz and slate.

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