In the last few years we have specialized in the processing of marble, natural stone and ceramic slab for interior furnishings in the naval sector.

We work as contractors in large projects for major cruise lines and shipyards (yacht), with customized design supplied directly by the client.

Our technical department works closely with designers and analyzes all the technical details, which in the naval sector are very complex, helping with targeted and often original solutions. In these projects, it’s essential the right balance between functionality, artistic appearance and emotional impact to the users.

We give particolar attention to the choice of marbles and onyxes, to the approach of colors and veins, to the lightening of the materials in the processes, to the precision of the cuts and the finishes.

Among the marble processing for naval interiors, we produce marble table tops, stairs, floors, coatings, molded elements and bathrooms.

The large ceramic slab are much more than a simple coating, they are a complement to furnishing able to furnish themselves and fit harmoniously into all indoor environments and outdoor spaces, thanks to the many collections and to the ease of installation.

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